How to Avoid Getting Scammed as You Learn

how-to-avoid-getting-scammed-as-you-learnOh my… here I go starting a new review site with the very first post being about How to Avoid Getting Scammed as You Learn.

It's hard to get away from this online today as affiliate marketing is getting so much more competitive these day's.

Hopefully I can save you some of the heartache's I've gone through by saving you time, money and help point you in the right direction.


Are These Emotional Buttons?

There are more than a few scammers on the Internet these day's who prey on anyone attempting to learn how to build an online business of any kind. They promise you immediate success and charge you an astronomical amount of money for their courses or sure-fired methods of making money online. Note: “Get Rich Quick” is a efin lie period…

Joe Scammer

Take for instance that frozen pizza you bought in a box. The image on that box showed you the best pizza you've ever seen.

Then, only to find out when you opened the box, it looked more like some crappy flatbread.

With a few sprinkles of cheese and a dash of sauce. nothing like the picture you saw was it? Call it what you will, but you were scammed.

That's what scammers do to newbie online entrepreneurs. They paint a pretty and exciting picture and more often than not they make false statements of making a fortune in no time at all.

Unfortunately, there's no quick way to make an immediate fortune online overnight.

This does not mean that everyone offering paid courses or charging you for advice is a scammer, but if you come in contact with a marketer who doesn't respond to your emails when asking for help or needing information or someone who's trying to push you into a multi-level marketing (MLM) situation BEWARE!!


Good Mentors Tell You The Truth

Do your due diligence and check out the reputation of the people who are offering that once-in-a-lifetime deal where you have to buy it now or the price goes up drastically in an hour. Another promise you'll is make money on the first day, just plug it in, sit back and watch PayPal just shit thousands of dollars in in your account. Its a flat out lie, It's Just Not True.

However that said, there are very successful marketers out there who offer real time help that will get your business up and running. They'll walk and mentor you all the way. And when you're having doubts or problems, they're there picking you up and pointing you in the right direction.
how-to-avoid-getting-scammed-as-you-learnForums can be a great place to sort out who's who in the Internet Marketing World. Take it slow and get to know the marketer and his products before you do business with him or her. And don't give your hard earned money away… Until You Know It's LEGIT!!


Advice To Remember Always

We can go on this way, but one last thing to keep in mind. Scammers claim you don't have to have experience with computers, thats just a line of crap. The truth about making money online is that you have to know how to use your computer and you have to know your wayhow-to-avoid-getting-scammed-as-you-learn around the Internet. If anyone tells you different, BEWARE!!

Learning how things work online is gonna help you reach success faster than any get rich quick scheme that a scamming marketer is peddling to you.

Reputable marketers are out there and ready and willing to help you learn all you need to know about Becoming a Successful Internet Entrepreneur.

Ok amigo, the balls in your hands now.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or you can always get me through my Profile Page Here.

Here's to your success, I believe in you 🙂


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