Facebook is truly a boon to savvy online marketers. Using Facebook for marketing your business is honestly a no-brainer. You can do so much on Facebook, mostly free, that you just cannot pass it up as a great marketing opportunity for your business. 

Set Up a Business Page

In order to set up a business page on Facebook, you first need a personal page. But once you do have that, you can set up your business page. The business page enables you to promote your business actively while a personal page is not supposed to be used for that. It’s free to set up

Set Up a Community

A Facebook community is very useful in terms of being able to discuss things with your customers, or potential future customers. You can easily set up a community in the same way you set up the business page - just choose community. A community has more communication ability between your likes and followers than a business page.

Set Up a Private Group

A private group is a great way to run a small mastermind group without having to invest in the technology to have one of your own hosted on your website. You can make them private and even secret. If you have a secret group, you’ll have to actively recruit people to join, you can even charge people money to join.

Promote a Post

On your business pages you’ll have the capability to post things and you’ll get a button that offers you to promote the post. You can bid a certain amount and choose your audience too. The capability to narrow down who you want to see your promoted post is genius and will enable you to truly target your audience with posts you want them to see.

Run a PPC Advertisement

Even without a business page you can create advertisements via your personal page on Facebook. It’s wonderful because you can narrow down your target audience in ways that you may not have realized that you could. You can target with age, sex, location, groups and affiliations. It doesn’t get much more niched down than that.

Since you've taken the time to read my post this far, I thought I'd offer you the PDF below. Its not very long, but its just some extra help to get your Facebook News Feed Ads up as quickly as possible. Its free with no strings attached, other than wanting to help if I can.

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Join Groups and Communities

A great way to market your business on Facebook is to join other groups that consist of your target audience. Then, simply help others without an agenda. Do not market yourself or break any rules of the page owners. Instead, just be helpful, and share when requested to do so. Let your reputation speak for you.

Comment on Pages, Groups and Communities

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, a good use of your time is to make smart, intelligent and useful comments on posts that the owner of the page or group post, as well as being helpful to others who post.

Share and Like

If you want people to share what you are doing, be sure to share and like what they are doing. When it comes to online marketing, people like helping others when they are helped too. It’s a very generous community when it comes down to it. You’ll find competitors sharing each other’s work most of the time, instead of bashing each other.

Although that does happen, it’s not likely.

Using Facebook to market your business is an excellent way to market online. You can do so many things including contests, share images, videos, blog posts, memes and more. Don’t be shy; get started using Facebook to market your business today. But, be warned, you need to follow Facebook’s terms of service in order to continue.

Some Last Words

Using Facebook for your Affiliate Marketing Business is the way to go to scale your business up. Yep I know there is free traffic and if you got the time that is an option as well. But for the cost of a Starbucks coffee you can get  your offers out there to the people who are looking for your product.

Working with Facebook ads will take some practise and you'll need to test, test and test some more, but you will get the hang of it sooner than you think. 

Until the next time, I believe in you. Share this post on Facebook for me and please leave a comment below.


P.S. And I'd like to thank our friends at nichehacks.com for allowing us to provide you the free guide.

Get This Free Guide To Fast Track Your
Facebook Advertising!

Create high converting Facebook news feed ads, quickly and easily today, using this resource. Enter your name and email below so I know where to send it!

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